5 Ways to Get Positive Testimonials From Your Real Estate Clients

By kw-preferred June 15, 2018

Being active on social media, regularly updating blog posts, and using various other online marketing tactics are extremely helpful in building your real estate business’s online presence. However, having positive testimonials about your services posted online is what can really boost lead generation and convert prospectives into actual clients. People find comfort in knowing that an agent they’re thinking about working with has already followed through with previous clients. 

These testimonials can be extremely helpful in pushing potential clients in your direction. The key is to entice your clients to leave positive feedback about your services online. Here are a handful of ways to do just that.

1. Earn it

You won’t be getting any glowing reviews about yourself if you don’t provide the services your clients want and expect from a professional. Before a positive testimonial comes your way, you have to earn it. It’s OK to let your clients in on some of the hurdles that you have to jump over in order to complete a transaction. Nothing’s perfect, including the real estate transaction. 

It’s fine to let your clients in on some of the challenges you face throughout the process, as long as you show them that you’re confident that these obstacles can easily be overcome thanks to your level of expertise and experience. Show them that you really worked hard to ensure a seamless transaction and an end result they want. You’re not just a real estate agent – you’re also a problem solver. Show them how you were able to solve their issues in order to arrive at the desired end point. 

2. Just Ask

Sometimes it can be as simple as politely asking your clients to leave feedback about how they feel your services helped them with their real estate transaction. If you’re confident that you’ve provided stellar services, there’s no reason for your clients not to want to advertise how much you helped them. Maybe they’ve already been contemplating how to thank you for your services, but just weren’t sure how to express their gratitude. Let them know that a positive testimonial is all that’s needed to show you their appreciation. 

3. Make it Convenient For Them

Many people might not want to take the time to write out a few sentences about how you helped them with their real estate process. In this case, do what you can to make it easier for them. There are plenty of feedback services out there that can help in this situation. 

For instance, Boast is a video testimonial collection resource that allows clients to quickly record short videos at their own convenience, then share their thoughts on your website. Typeform is another customer feedback service that’s based on written testimonials, whereby customized surveys can be sent to your clients to be filled out at their leisure. The point is, make things easy for your clients to increase the odds of them leaving a positive testimonial about your services. 

4. Motivate Them to Leave Testimonials

It’s not uncommon to get testimonials from past clients without even having to ask for them. However, most of the time you’ll probably have to ask. In addition to asking, throw in something to sweeten the deal and motivate them to follow through. There are tons of ways to do this, such as entering them in a draw, giving them a gift card, offering discounts or coupons to local businesses, and so forth. People appreciate gifts and are typically open to follow through with requests if there’s something in it for them. 

5. Ask the Right Questions

Many clients are willing to leave feedback, but sometimes they’re not sure how to do that or even where to start. By asking the right questions, you can get the conversation started and gather the information needed to obtain that positive testimonial. Some questions you might want to consider asking include:

“Why did you decide to buy or sell your home?”

“Why did you choose me as your real estate agent?”

“What did I do to help you with your home purchase or sale?”

“What could I have done better to suit your needs?”

There are plenty of questions you can ask to get the answers you want that will turn into favorable testimonials. Ask many different questions in order to ensure that your feedback is varied and diverse, rather than having a bunch of testimonials that are basically saying the same thing in different words. 

The Bottom Line

Real estate online marketing efforts are vital to generate leads and even stay in contact with previous and current clients. However, having those testimonials can really take your lead generation over the top. Consider these tactics to collect as many positive testimonials you can to help you quickly grow your list of potential clients, and therefore grow your business. 

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