8 Ways to Use Pinterest to Attract Real Estate Clients

By kw-preferred June 15, 2018

Pinterest has become a very popular social network platform that lets users visually share their ideas, and discover helpful posts that other users have ‘pinned’. But did you know that you can use this powerful social media channel to boost your brand and attract new real estate clients?

Here’s how. 

1. Use awesome, high-quality images. 

People flock to Pinterest specifically for the images, so make sure to choose ones that are high quality, and are visually interesting and appealing to visitors. 

2. Make use of hashtags. 

Twitter has made the #hashtag incredibly popular these days, but it’s not only useful on that specific social media platform. Hashtags that include heavily searched and targeted keyword phrases can be inserted in your pins. People will then find your pin after searching the term used, which will help drive more traffic to your site. 

3. Make your pins valuable. 

Offer something of value to your readers. While yo might be tempted to advertising your listings, don’t limit your pins to just these. In fact, don’t post your listings until you’ve offered your visitors something they find valuable. Write useful posts, put up interesting images, and even share articles that someone else wrote if you think your readers will find them interesting. 

4. Make your pins sharable. 

People who frequent Pinterest are constantly re-pinning other people’s posts. Make sure that you’re putting content and images up there that people feel is worthy of being shared. 

5. Put a board together for home decorating inspiration. 

Homeowners and renters are always on the internet prowling for ideas on home decoration, and they usually turn to Houzz and Pinterest for this. Put together a board on Pinterest that includes collections of spaces that have been designed by popular designers to provide some home decorating inspiration to your readers.

6. Offer quick and easy DIY home improvement tips. 

Many homeowners like taking the DIY route when making changes to their homes to save some money. Whether the tips you offer are for refurbishing dining room furniture, refacing kitchen cabinets, or retaining hardwood floors, DIY tips and project ideas are popular things people on Pinterest are often searching for.

7. Provide tips for home staging. 

The power of home staging cannot be underestimated when it comes to making a positive first impression on buyers. Offering tips and pinning photos that present examples of homes that are properly staged for sale can be invaluable information for sellers. 

8. Make use of community boards. 

As a realtor, you likely work within a specific city or neighborhood that you specialize in. Use Pinterest to provide market updates about the area you work in, and other pieces of information that area residents would find interesting and useful. Create a community board for each of the communities you cover, and pin lots of useful data and images about each. Emphasize various notable places that potential clients would be interested in, such as schools, restaurants, and recreational facilities, and make sure to let people know that you’re the go-to real estate professional for these areas. 

The Bottom Line

With all of the social media channels out there today, there’s no reason not to capitalize on each and every one of them, and that includes Pinterest. When used correctly, this platform can help you significantly boost your online presence and exposure to prospective buyers and sellers. 

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